About Us

Gatzke Dillon & Ballance is a result-oriented eSports law firm offering a full range of legal services to eSports teams, organizations, businesses, players, and professionals operating across California and throughout the nation.

We represent clients in corporate formation, contracts, sponsorships, marketing, immigration and visas, copyright, trademark, licensing, and litigation and dispute resolution—to name a few. Our primary objective is to deliver outstanding results for each of our eSports clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

A Commitment to Client Relationships

The eSports legal team at Gatzke Dillon & Ballance is sensitive to the needs of our clients and appreciates that every case involves unique challenges and opportunities. Our firm’s philosophy is centered on fostering client relationships and spending as much time as needed responding to clients’ questions, learning about their needs, and answering their concerns.

The attorneys at Gatzke Dillon & Ballance are committed to providing clients with innovative ways to contain legal costs and provide value for our clients. We provide free consultations and evaluations of cases and develop plans that aim to resolve clients’ needs and claims as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We have developed sophisticated reporting procedures and systems that keep our clients apprised of all important developments in their cases.

Our firm is proud of the strong reputation we have built for delivering individualized attention and high-quality legal services to our clients. eSports teams, players, businesses and organizations choose our firm because we are committed to developing strong relationships with our clients and they know they can count on the exceptional skills and experience of our attorneys.

Highly Rated

We are proud of our diverse legal team and our ability to create innovative legal strategies that produce advantageous results. We respond to the ever-changing eSports landscape by employing business practices and creating policies to keep our clients ahead of the curve.


Gatzke Dillon & Ballance is widely known for our ability to deliver legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our legal team provides free consultations and works with our clients to develop legal strategies and approaches that best meet their budgets and schedules.


eSports doesn’t sleep and neither do we. We understand the fast paced, 24/7 nature of eSports and we are available day and night to provide dependable legal services. Our clients appreciate and depend upon GDB’s consistent no-surprise approach to eSports law.

At the Forefront of eSports Legal Issues

Over the past three years, Gatzke Dillon & Ballance has emerged as a leading eSports law firm with more than 10 attorneys working across a diverse range of practice areas. Our legal professionals are committed to being at the forefront of legal issues impacting the ever-changing eSports scene. We strive to keep abreast of new and emerging litigation, laws and regulations. Our legal team also monitors eSports developments, as well as industry changes that may affect the business operations of our clients.

The legal team at Gatzke Dillon & Ballance believes in taking a proactive approach to legal representation. Legal disputes and claims can often be avoided if clients are made aware of important legal and regulatory developments. To spread our knowledge, we regularly counsel and advise clients on business issues in an effort to prevent future litigation.

Gatzke Dillon & Ballance

We will fight for you and work with you – whether you are a small startup or a leader in eSports, we will protect your brand, draft and negotiate contracts, build your business, and secure P-1 visas